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Celebrate spring with 40% off store wide with code: APRILSHOWERS

Caution: Poncho at play

August 24, 2018

Caution: Poncho at play

So, I have been asked many times how my business came about, so I thought I would share the journey of the everyday poncho.

I originally designed my first poncho to help this momma out! I was sick and tired of wrangling my kids into jackets on snowy and cold days. Having to deal with putting on and removing jackers every time we got in and out of the car drove me crazy! So I decided to design something they could wear that was warm, convenient to travel with, that my kids could put on themselves, fun, and that they liked. From that the poncho was born.

original poncho

Here is the original that started this whole journey!

The concept was simple, I thought it was super cute but had no idea the attention it would get out in the wild! Every where Paxten and I went we were stopped and asked where I bought it. I had a product people wanted. So I pulled together all my friends and their kiddos for a pizza and measurement night and gathered all the information I needed to start making my patterns.

poncho crew!

Poncho crew trying on mock-ups

My first batch of ponchos sold quickly, I stared buying Polartec fleece to make sure the quality was what I wanted and it would hold up to the vigorous play of children but still be easy to care for. I hand made every item that went out!

original colors

My original colors.

I made a product to simplify the already busy life of mommas, it was clear and simple. But the reaction I got from kids was unexpected and  has become the focus of my brand and the fuel that keeps me going.

When kids put on a poncho, cape, or cloak something shifts, I see them switch from real life to a world of exploring and imaginary play. It provides a safe space for them explore their identity and place in the world. It is a safety blanket, invisibility cloak, superhero cape, princess cloak, knights armor and so much more.

Now, we are committed to make clothing that allow our customers feel free to explore, create, and be themselves. That they feel limitless and eager to engage and play the world around them. Clothes that fuel the heart and soul of children.


Hence: poncho at play.

Do you have an article of clothing that inspires you to? Tell us about it!

Adventure well.




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Size chart

To find out which size would fit your child best measure your Childs wingspan.

How to measure wingspan:

Have your child stand up against the wall with their arms extended sideways at a ninety-degree angle. Using a tape measure, measure from one end of the tip of the middle finger to the other.

xs- newborn-2y poncho is 27"

          * makes great car seat cover and wearable blanket for new babes!

s- 2y-4y poncho is 33.5"

m- 4y-6y poncho is 36.75"

l- 6y-10+ poncho is 42"


For rain capes order in the same size group as your fleece poncho. example: If buying XS or S poncho you want to order XS/S size rain cape.

If you have any questions on sizing don't hesitate to reach out and ask, we are happy to help!