Celebrate spring with 40% off store wide with code: APRILSHOWERS

Celebrate spring with 40% off store wide with code: APRILSHOWERS


Meet Ashley

Hi there! I am Ashley, Founder and designer for Pine + Pine. My creative journey started at a young age, I was raised by designers in an environment where the artistry of “doing it from scratch” was nurtured day by day. My mom and grandma taught me to sew at the ripe old age of 6 and I got my first machine at 7.



I sewed my way though elementary school and high school designing and making my own figure skating costumes and practice dresses. After high school I took a creative break from sewing to focus on other interests. However, after having my first child I felt creatively stifled and a bit distanced from my sense of self. So, I intuitively busted out the sewing machine and got to work. Connecting the ever-present dots, I found purpose and fulfillment through bringing confidence and unapologetic imagination to the backs and hearts of the people I love most. After creating functional ponchos for my kids I was surprised by the response I got around town and started making garments for friends. Shortly after Pixie + Pine was born.

With an eye for the unique, a love of texture and color that fuels my imagination, and inspiration from the latest textile technology, I aim to spread happiness by making clothing that is beautiful. Fun. Functional. Clothing that bring joy to both those who wear them, and those who see them being worn. Lived in. Played in. Because there is nothing that fills the heart more than to see a people dressed in things they truly love, things that make them feel free to explore, create, and be themselves. That they feel limitless and eager to engage the world around them in. Un-burdened by norms. I hope you enjoy!

Adventure well!


Size chart

To find out which size would fit your child best measure your Childs wingspan.

How to measure wingspan:

Have your child stand up against the wall with their arms extended sideways at a ninety-degree angle. Using a tape measure, measure from one end of the tip of the middle finger to the other.

xs- newborn-2y poncho is 27"

          * makes great car seat cover and wearable blanket for new babes!

s- 2y-4y poncho is 33.5"

m- 4y-6y poncho is 36.75"

l- 6y-10+ poncho is 42"


For rain capes order in the same size group as your fleece poncho. example: If buying XS or S poncho you want to order XS/S size rain cape.

If you have any questions on sizing don't hesitate to reach out and ask, we are happy to help!